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" Sometimes when we are generous in simple ways it can change someone else’s life forever"

The kind donation from Tutu and Jim Allard is what helps Camp Frozen Chozen bring children from all over Alaska to experience Camp with other Alaskans with bleeding disorders and their siblings.

Named in honor of Mary Barr, aka “Tutu”. Tutu and her husband Jim Allard have generously sponsored Camp Frozen Chozen for the past three years. Because of their donation, Camp Frozen Chozen was able to have more campers attend and offer a larger variety of activi-ties.

Tutu's & Tutu's 2 Cabins

Named in honor of Wayne Cobb who is affectionately known as “Uncle”. Uncle is one of the founders of Camp Frozen Chozen and has kept the dream alive with his dedication, time, and sponsorships.   
It was Uncle’s vision and efforts that have made Camp Frozen Chozen what is today.

Uncle's Cabin

Camp Frozen Chozen has been helping children with bleeding disorders and their sibling since the 1990’s. Camp was often a simple affair determined by the amount of commitment, effort, time, and financial resources available.
Camp Frozen Chozen wishes to honor some of those that have made Camp possible. There are many people who were vital in establishing and maintaining the Camp experience in Alaska.
We have recognized two of them by naming cabins in their honor.

Cabins of Honors